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Bathing and Continence care

At PeaceFul Mind In-Home Care, we truly understand that an elder or disabled individual may not have the capability to maintain the required standard of personal hygiene. Our fully trained and certified home care givers are here to offer our clients complete personal hygiene assistance because good personal hygiene has a positive effect on overall health.

When it comes to bathing and continence care of your elderly or disabled member of the family, the top most priority of our home care givers is to make sure that their dignity is never compromised. At PeaceFul Mind In-Home Care, we truly understand that empowering your elderly or disabled loved ones to experience an independent life is extremely essential to protect their dignity and a good personal hygiene is its most important aspect.

Bathing is every day’s routine to assure good personal hygiene and for elderly or disabled individuals who are more vulnerable to the risk of fall, bathing alone can be dangerous as bathtubs can be a slippery place. Our home care givers offer a friendly assistance with bathing.

In case an elderly or disabled individual finds it difficult to control their urine or bowel, it becomes extremely important to keep their skin clean and dry in order to maintain good health. Our home care givers are particularly trained to offer nursing care for aging or disabled individuals who experience frequent or occasional incontinence.


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