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Medication Reminders

Anyone who has an elderly family member or someone coping with a chronic illness, accidental injury, or a surgery at home is most likely to be aware of the fact that often patients are required to take an overwhelming amount of medications in order to manage their ongoing health conditions. According to the reports of Drugwatch, approximately forty million elderly population suffers from drug-induced complications with an approximately 25 percent life-threatening complications. Your elderly loved ones are vulnerable to drug-induced complications as they usually suffer from more than one chronic illness and visit different healthcare providers for treatment of different issues. Considering that the composition of the body also changes with the age, it is evident that the concerns of medication are really serious for the elder population. Most of the drug-induced complications in elder individuals can be avoided by providing suitable elderly care at home. It is extremely important to follow the medication regime with the correct dosage and at the right time.

Home health care experts at PeaceFul Mind In-Home Care offer medication reminder service for the senior clients assuring that they take the correct amount of dose at the right time. Our home care givers can also pick up prescription from the drugstore, assist our clients with suitable diet, and also manage the care plan suggested by the doctor. Following are some major benefits for having a CNA care giver to remind about medications:

  • Assist those patients who are unable to read or understand the dosage instructions.
  • Assist those patients who have hearing impairment and find it difficult to understand physician’s or pharmacist’s instructions.
  • Assist those patients who forget to take medications on time.
  • Offers assistance if the patient finds it difficult to open the drug packaging.
  • Supervise drug administration for those patients who find it difficult to swallow the medication.
  • Support immobile patients who are unable to get their medication or pick-up prescription from the pharmacist.
  • Especially beneficial for patients with a chronic condition such as blood pressure who lose motivation or simply forget about taking medication.
  • Support those elders who find it overwhelming to manage the dosage and timing of multiple medications.

Proper management of medication is vital for the health of your loved one, which is why PeaceFul Mind In-Home Care has designed medication reminders as one of the most important services in nursing care. Our CNA care givers offer assistance in administering medication by keeping a track of time to take medications, reminding the patient to take medication according to the schedule, and noting the side effects of the medications if any and share it with the patient’s healthcare provider.

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